Hen Nights/ Stag Nights

Equador The Wizard

Equador The Wizard has put together a wonderful hen night package as an alternative to the classic male stripper.  

Usually Equador performs Close-up magic for 15 – 20 minutes creating a magical electric atmosphere. 

Then he gives the hen a 10 minute head and shoulder revitalizing massage. 

 Followed by his famous magic, comedy, boylesque, dancing, strip show. Please see “Boylesque” for a full description.  The show usually doesn’t go for the “full monty”, but this option is available for hen nights upon pre-booked request.  

This package is just a guide and can easily be adapted to suit everybody’s needs and budgets.   

Eg, just the close-up magic and boylesque show with no massage, or massage for all the hens and some close-up magic. Or the Interactive magic cabaret act with the short              

boylesque show. You get the idea, please contact Equador directly. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo: Diane Lowe for Neolestat


Often Equador is booked for a stag do as a joke, they say they’ve got a stripper and out walks Equador The Wizard. The 1st reaction is laughter, then disbelief that the show is actually going to happen, then laughter again as the men are fascinated despite themselves.  

 See Videos for example videos.

Equador The Wizard with those naughty hens

Equador The Wizard - all wet performing at a hen night

"Wow, you are 'weally' good!" Jonathan Ross

"My experience of Equador The Wizard has shown me that he's truly a close up magic master." Raj Virdi (Magic Circle)

"Equador has a unique ability to connect with and mystify his audience." Kate Winslow (Festival events manager)

"Oh my God! Do that again..." Russell Brand

"How the f*** did you do that? That's impossible!!!"  Jade Goody

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"It's magic Jim, but not as we know it!"

The magic you will experience with Equador is a well chosen mixture of card sleights, vanishing and appearing objects and levitations to name but a few. The unique performance you get will have you laughing, bemused and entertained.